Preface to math website (How to help in math.,mental ability,reasoning )

Preface to this Math website

About solution in math.,mental ability,reasoning test

(1.) About this site

Now anyone can find there problem about mathematics  education specially mathematics upto 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, B. Sc., and higher degree classes,Competition mathematics like Bank, Clerk, Constable, SSC, Railway,  R.A.S., I.C.S., Forester, I.F.S., Income Tax, Airforce and other many competition .At this website you can get solution of  problem of mental ability ,Reasoning of above competition. Many students faces in above subject. On this platform you can get their solutions by easy method. I have about 15 years experience and find that many students can’t find their problem. In the coaching centre they do not afford their charges so their talent is not expose. I will hope that you will be support me and find your problem’s solution.

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(2.)About author’s experience

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A website is prepared from author’s experiences.When writing for degree classes,competition exams the author gets on overview of the question of pre-sight examinations and examinations held in future are subject to question asked.the author of this site have 15 years experience in teaching and about 20 years various Govt. services like patwari,accountant .The author has given many competition like R.A.S.,Accountant,Patwari,Pre B.ed..

 A website prepared after considering the requirements of the examinees may be useful.Based on this hypothesis this website is.

(3.)Prefered Subjects

The new syllabus of mathematics,especially the differential calculus,Integral calculus,Geometry,Trigonometry,Dynamics,complex analysis,Arithmetic,Numerical analysis,vector calculus,Real analysis,Abstract algebra, analytical solid geometry,advanced differential calculus, advanced integral calculus,differential equations, differential geometry,Dynamics of a particle,functional analysis, functions of a complex variable,hydrodynamics,infinite series and products,integral transformations(transform calculus, Linear Algebra(Finite Dimension Vector Spaces),Linear Difference Equations,Integral Equations,Linear Programming,Mathematical Analysis(Metric Spaces),Mathematical Analysis,Measure and Integration,Real Analysis,Vector Calculus,Modern Algebra,Abstract Algebra,Matrices,Mathematical Methods,Special Function and Boundary Value Problem,Special Functions(Spherical Harmonics),Vector Algebra,Mathematical Statistics,Operations Research,Rigid Dynamics,Dynamics of Rigid Bodies,Analytical Dynamics,Set theory,Spherical Astronomy,Statics,Tensor Calculus and Riemannian Geometry,Theory of Relativity,Topology,Discrete Mathematics,Basic Mathematics for Chemists,Number Theory,Bio-Mathematics,Partial Differential Equations,Cryptography and Network Security,Advanced Abstract Algebra,Space Dynamics,Spherical Astronomy and Space Dynamics,Advanced Mathematical Method,Fuzzy Set theory,Numerical Analysis,Analysis,Calculus of Variations,Co-ordinate Solid Geometry,Theory of Equations,Determinants,Trigonometry,Co-ordinate Geometry,Number System,Solid Geometry 3-D,Arithmetic,PHD in Mathematics,M.Phil. in Mathematics, Competition Examination Mathematics for  ssc,bank,ssc cgl clerk,accountant,constable, and other competition mathematics,mental ability,reasoning,Mathematical Quotes included Mental ability,Reasoning has been effectively posited.Chapters are given the technique of solving questions intensively by candidates including examples through micro methods .

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(4.)Focus of the Examination

The ease with which the ease and convenience of the website is capable of improving it.Because of clarity,this site will be able to deal with your needs more seriously.Each post of this website places the question asked in various examination with the of  which you will be aware of the questions asked in upcoming exams..

(5.)Article of this site

This website is a product of my original thought that will enable you to tackle the question in the examination hall as soon as possible. 

With best wishes           

preface to math website

Preface to Math website

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