Change Independent Variable

Change Independent Variable 

  • Change Independent Variable:Sometimes it is required,specially in the solution of differential equations,to change the Independent variable either into the dependent variable or into another variable with which it is connected by given relation e. g. if y be a function of x, it may be desired to change \frac{dy}{dx},\frac{d^{2}y}{dx^{2}},\frac{d^{3}y}{dx^{3}}\text{ etc.} \text{ into} \frac{dx}{dy},\frac{d^{2}x}{dy^{2}},\frac{d^{2}x}{dy^{2}}\text{ or into} \frac{dy}{dt},\frac{d^{2}y}{dt^{2}},\frac{d^{3}y}{dt^{3}} \\ \text{ or into} \frac{dy}{dt},\frac{d^{2}y}{dt^{2}},\frac{d^{3}y}{dt^{3}}
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Change Independent Variable

(1.)To Change the Independent Variable into the dependent variable

(2.)To change the Independent variable x into Another Variable z

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